What people are saying!


“Aric Bostick is honest, speaks from the heart, and connects on all levels regarding education! After his presentation many of our participants were moved to tears because they recognized things that they needed to change in both their personal and professional lives. If you need to be reminded about why you chose education as your career or WHY education is so important to our workforce and communities then you must invite Aric to your school or community event.”

Kimberly Tobey
National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP)

“Whether you need teambuilding for your staff or want to get your students fired up to reach their potential, Aric is second-to-none. He delivers YOUR message with his style and is a top-notch professional every step of the way. After using some other nationally recognized speakers for our freshman orientation programs, our University knows that Aric Bostick is the very best ... He has been FIRING UP our students for five years and counting!”

Mike Barnette
Senior Coordinator of Residential and Transitional Programs
Tarleton State University

"The first time I heard Aric speak I was a freshman in high school at an over night student council conference. He spoke on goal setting and creating a vision for your future. To this day I still have the list of goals I wrote out for my self at that conference, and it is amazing how many of those goals I've had the opportunity to achieve! Now I'm a middle school PAL sponsor and Aric speaks at our district conference every year. It is amazing to see Aric's message connect and empower my students the same way it did for me as a teenager! He is truly a once in a generation speaker! If you have the chance to hire Aric to come speak to your kids, then you have to make that happen! "

Clark Fredrickson
PALs Sponsor

“Aric is more than just a motivational speaker: he is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. He doesn't just tell people what they want to hear; he delivers true messages in an interactive, experiential style that makes a lasting impression on each and every member of his audience.”

Steven Carvajal
President School of The Alamo Association of Student Councils
Tom C. Clark High School

“Aric Bostick has a way of speaking to the heart of the students. After working with Aric Bostick Success Training for nearly seven years, I have come to realize that it is not just about the stories he shares or the message he brings, he has an authentic interest in the students and their circumstances and that, I believe, is what truly defines him and the impact he has on the lives of students. If you have the opportunity to partner with Aric Bostick Success Training, seize that opportunity, you won't regret it!”

Elizabeth A. Manuel
College Access and Success Program Director
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

"At an elementary school, it seems impossible to engage a speaker that will be able to appeal to the wide range of ages, inspire the faculty and staff, and have a message so powerful that kids encourage their parents to bring them back to school to hear him again in the evening. But, that is exactly what happened when we spent a full day with Aric Bostick! The morning programs, the leadership workshops, and a family event, in the evening, left our students, staff and their families Fired Up! and ready to tackle this school year- and life- head on!"

Angela Kunkel
VP of Programs
Shafer PTA

"Aric is very worthwhile. He presented to our student-athletes that all were skeptical about going to a presentation that they were forced to attend. After the presentation they were singing his praises and wanted him to returning each year. Very motivational and encouraging!"

John Anderson
Director of Life Skills
Texas State University

"Aric's visit was truly inspirational for our students, staff, and parents. All of Aric's interactions with our community was genuine, energetic and just what we needed to spark the flame to FIRE US UP! Aric's words of encouragement are truly inspirational. His visit is one to remember!
Thank you to you and all of Aric's team. He is LEGENDARY, and I know his team is too!"

Lesley Austin
Maypearl Jr. High School

“Aric's presentation was so fabulous that I am still hearing staff comment on what an impact his presentation had on them professionally and personally. Our staff members are actually holding each other accountable for their attitudes and behaviors. We have never had a speaker have such an impact on our staff.”

Tammy Lemoine
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and Special Programs
Center ISD

“Aric's genuine love for the educator community and his shared mission for what we all do comes across at every moment of his presentation. It's this passion more than anything that gets us all Fired Up!”

Johanna Hoyo
Gear Up Coordinator
Manor ISD Office of Federal Programs

"Aric and his team (Anmarie) are easy to work with! It was a very simple process to get Aric on our campus! I have never seen our employees so engaged with a speaker or with each other! Aric is what we needed!! We have heard from several employees who have said that Aric is the best guest speaker we have ever had!!"

Jenny Keener
HR Assistant
Western Nebraska Community College

“Aric presented as a keynote speaker to over 1,000 staff members in East Aurora School District 131 for a special Institute Day focused on staff wellness—body, mind, and spirit. His presentation was simply electrifying! This was not only due to his high-spirited approach to “fire up” the staff, but also due to his comprehensive preparation before the event. He spent several hours listening to an overview of the state of the District and the needs of the staff and seamlessly wove those ideas into a presentation that was unforgettable. Throughout the day, the staff lined up to speak with him, have their books signed, and to hear his additional words of wisdom. The shared sentiment was that Aric was one of the best presenters they have ever seen!”

David Brusak
School Improvement Director
East Aurora School District 131

“Aric ‘gets’ teenagers. As a former high school teacher and coach, he knows the struggles they face, and inspires them by sharing his own personal story. He teaches them about respect for themselves and others, responsibility, empathy, and not letting their past or current circumstances define their life and dreams. He is a true motivational speaker and has a message that I think every teen needs to hear.”

Lisa Merino
Blalack Middle School PTA

"Because Aric has been in the education field, he can relate to the teacher working in the classroom day in and day out. He knows the struggles and the blessing that go with this profession and he gives the teachers inspiration and motivation to continue to do what they love, making a difference in a child's life."

Diana Ferguson
Executive Director

“In one word, Aric Bostick is: AWESOME. From his fast-talking, high-energy, get-you-moving, can’t stop laughing antics to his real-life, personal, touching story about being “that kid,” Aric Bostick is exactly who your school needs. Get ready to feel motivated, inspired and awesome.”

Leslie Garza
Public Information Officer
Harlandale ISD

"Aric is a dynamic individual who has the power to truly motivate and inspire. I was anxious about his ability to hold the attention of our high school and junior high students. I should have had more faith! The students were mesmerized by his message and talk about him daily, even weeks after his visit. I have also received numerous phone calls and e-mails from parents thanking us for inspiring their children to think about their future and the choices they make."

Nicole Dziuk
Poth ISD Counselor

"Aric's presentation is life-changing and inspiring!! He is one of a kind!! The energy that he gives is contagious!!"

Vicki Guillory
Assistant Principal
Tisinger Elementary

"Our students come from all over the world to learn about leadership from Aric; he really hits home!"

Poppy Davis
Program Manager - Europe
People to People Ambassador Programs

"Thank you so much for helping us out with the youth conference and going above and beyond – you were the highlight of our tobacco prevention youth summit!"

Angela Freemyer
MU Conference Office
University of Missouri

"After coordinating multiple conferences over the years and dealing with many speakers, I can say without any doubt that Aric and his team were the very best!"

Chris Wood
Prevention Team Leader
Georgia DBHDD/Office of Prevention Services

"Aric was a HUGE success during our Student Leadership Retreat. The students identified with his story which legitimized and validated his message. His mix of presentation with crowd participation and ice breakers was excellent. The students were engaged the entire time and many stayed after to thank Aric. We can’t wait to have him back!"

Sarah Smith
Director of Student Activities
Wesley College

"Aric is a dynamic, invigorating and enthusiastic speaker that is intentionally impacting the youth of today to make better citizens of tomorrow."

Art Cox
Program Manager
People to People Ambassador Programs

"Aric spoke at our Washington state SADD conference. He received the highest evaluations of all five Nationally-known speakers. Aric had a powerful, entusiastic message. I highly recommend him as your keynote speaker."

Gerald Apple
SADD Coordinator
Washington State