Bring Aric to your school for Parent Training Sessions

Energetic! Enthusiastic! Entertaining! As Aric retold some of his life experiences in his keynote presentation the audience was encouraged and challenged to make their good better and their better best.

Skip Forsyth
Educator Specialist


Being a parent is the toughest job on the planet. Every parent tries his/her best every day to be the absolute best parent they can be! Some days are harder than others. There are no qualifications to be a parent and few parents are ever given the tools to succeed—Until Now!! This is a “can’t miss” message for any parent wanting to change their life and inspire their children!

Parents will learn how to:

  • Create a loving relationship with their children
  • Accept their children as they are and encourage them each day
  • Model success and self – esteem by walking your talk and pursuing your
    goals and dreams

Awesome Parent acronymn:

  • A   I Awaken my children with love and kindness each morning!
  • W   I accept my children for Who they are!
  • E   I Encourage my children and praise them one time each day!
  • S   I am Spontaneous and fun!
  • O   I am Optimistic that my children will have a great life!
  • M   I Model success each day by living a happy and healthy life!
  • E   I Empathize with my children by listening to them and supporting them!

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Ideal Audience:

  • Parent Involvement Conference
  • PTA and PTO meetings
  • Parent Night or Parent Luncheon on a day that Aric is booked to speak at your school or conference.