Bring Aric to your school for Educator Training Sessions

Aric Bostick's presentation for educators at the 29th Annual ATPE State Convention was motivating and inspiring. People were literally moved to tears! You can tell that he genuinely cares about making a difference.

Kris Childers
Professional Development Coordinator

“Success Strategies for the Everyday Hero to Keep their Fire Alive!”


Is your staff exhausted? Overwhelmed? Apathetic? Not Fired Up? Do you want your staff to:

  • Build lasting relationships with their students and peers!
  • Make connections with ALL students in 30 seconds or less using strategies that work!
  • Create a “COOL” learning environment that leads to making connections!
  • Incorporate exercise and diet Strategies for on-the-go educators!
  • Utilize happiness tips that will keep your tank fueled so you have more to give

Aric will inspire and train your staff of educators to find their purpose once again by reminding them why they answered the call to work with youths. This 90-minute keynote, half or full day training will be life changing and transform your school into an army of HEROES that will make a difference with each and every student!

Attendees will receive a FIRED UP Road Map and will learn how to take the 7 Steps to get FIRED UP!

FUEL – What Fuels Your Tank – Why are you an educator?
INVENTORY – Take Stock of Your Life – change you for the good of your students and school!
REFRAME – Shift Your Perspective – What do you LOVE about getting to teach!
ENERGIZE – Exercise, R&R, Eat Well and Balance your life!
DECLARE – What’s are your Goals for you and your students?
UNDERSTAND – Build relationships with your students and staff by understanding their needs!
PRESENT – Living in the Moment and present your best you – Dress for Success!

Attendees will learn how to implement these seven strategies to being FIRED UP and make an action plan to implement into their daily lives. Warning!!! There will be laughing, sharing and interacting with everyone in the audience. Your choice: Go home still burned out or go home recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed to go out and be your best and spread this message like wild fire to your team, and those you care for and love.

Get ready to be FIRED UP!!!

Can be done as a 90 Minute Keynote or Half or Full Day Staff Training. Designed for Educators, New Teachers, Administrators, School Support Staff – Librarians, School Nurses, Para-professionals, Teachers Aides, Substitute Teachers, Cafeteria Workers, Bus Drivers.

Ideal Audience: Educator Conferences, School Year Kickoff, Opening Convocation, Staff Development Day, or additional speech after Aric speaks to your students. All programs comply with NCLB Title II, Part A and Title IV, Part A guidelines and may be funded with federal monies.

All Programs integrate the Research Based 40 Developmental Assets.

The following 40 Developmental Assets are incorporated in Aric’s message:

Caring School Climate, School Boundaries, Adult Role Models, High Expectations, School Engagement, Bonding to School, Homework, Achievement Motivation, Creative Activities, Youth Programs.