Aric Bostick

Aric Bostick is considered among the nation’s leading Education motivational speakers and success trainers – having inspired and equipped more than a half million people from all walks of life to believe in themselves by setting higher goals and achieving more fulfilling dreams.  Aric passionately infuses energy, engagement, and performance into the workplace and beyond – by delivering humor, inspiration, and practical tips in his high-energy, world-class keynotes, training seminars, student assemblies, convocations,camps, parent nights, and other educational programs.

Aric was a child of an eighth grade dropout alcoholic father who divorced his abusive bi-polar mother at the age of six. His mother could barely read and write and would threaten to take her own life many times throughout Aric’s childhood. In the ninth grade, he ran away to live with his father. Though he was a good student, he scored poorly on his standardized tests and SAT’s.   If it wasn’t for a great basketball coach, thoughtful high school counselor, and an inspirational English teacher who believed in him more than he believed in himself, he wouldn’t have become who he is today.  He was a first generation college student, then high school teacher and coach and later started an after school club to help at-risk youth. He eventually started his speaking career where he now has spoken to half a million students, teachers and parents across the nation over the past 16 years.

Aric has presented at universities, public, private, inner city, rural, charter, alternative schools, and Juvenile Detention Centers from New York to California and from the top of the Texas Panhandle down to the border of Mexico.  National and State Conferences, and the People to People Ambassador Program to students from over 60 countries at universities like Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, George Washington and UCLA.   His travels have even taken him to the Bahamas where he spoke to 100 Bahamian girls at an All Girl Leadership Conference who have endured some of the worst life circumstances imaginable.

Aric believes that by telling his story and what helped him changed his life is the only way a blonde haired, blue-eyed middle-aged white guy from central Texas can successfully relate to so many students from so many backgrounds.  It helped him in the classroom and hallways and now in auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and ballrooms across the country.


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