About Aric

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Aric Bostick is considered among the nation’s leading educational motivational speakers and school transformational experts—having inspired and equipped more than a half million students, teachers, and parents from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds helping them to create a climate and culture of togetherness. Teaching them to believe in themselves and others, inspiring them to overcome their story and set higher goals so they can achieve their dreams in school and in life.

Aric passionately infuses energy, engagement, and performance into the schools environment by delivering rich content infused with humor, inspiration, and practical strategies in his high-energy and inspirational educational keynotes, convocations, student leadership programs, and online training courses.

Aric is a former High School teacher and coach who started an after school program called the Goal Setters Club. The success of his club was featured on local news and morning shows and catapulted him into speaking to schools across the country.

For the past 17 years, Aric has presented at universities, public, private, inner city, rural, charter, alternative schools, and Juvenile Detention Centers from New York City to California and from the top of the Texas Panhandle down to the border of Mexico.

He has also spoken at National and State Education Conferences, the People to People Ambassador Program to students from over 60 countries at universities like Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, George Washington and UCLA.   His travels have even taken him to the Bahamas where he spoke to 100 Bahamian girls at an All Girl Leadership Conference who have endured some of the worst life circumstances imaginable.

As the bestselling author of the book, FIRED UP! Success, Aric teaches his winning seven-step formula for educators and staff to experience success in their schools and beyond—starting wherever they are to build a no-excuse, high-energy path to their goals. Aric helps his audience and readers to reignite their passion for their life’s purpose as a FIRED UP teacher, student, or parent.


Why did Aric become a motivational speaker?

1. To challenge students to dig deep, giving them the hope and ability to change their lives, as did the coach who inspired him when he was a teen.

2. To inspire teachers to make a difference with each and every student.

3. To help parents become models of success and happiness for their children.



Aric is proof that setting goals and striving to live out your dream is possible even under the most difficult circumstances. From personal experience, he understands that many students and teens don’t have the “perfect” home life. Divorce, emotional neglect, instability and verbal or physical abuse can certainly create a sense of self-doubt and hamper one’s ability to achieve in school and in life.

Aric faced some of these very same circumstances as a teen, but rather than surrender, he decided to harness his energy to do something positive for himself to change things in his own life.

That’s why, in high school, Aric decided to leave his mother’s home in Houston and move back to San Antonio with his father. But Aric knew he needed more, and he determined to make a change not only in where he lived, but also in how he lived his life. Aric began accompanying his father, a recovered alcoholic, to assemblies where he listened to inspirational speakers and participated in deep therapeutic sessions. These experiences taught Aric how to take personal responsibility for his own thoughts, behavior and, ultimately, achievements in life. 

Aric began his quest by going to college and becoming a teacher at San Antonio’s Judson High School.

He recognized that his students were looking for someone to help guide them and inspire them, just as he had when he was a teen. It became Aric’s mission to help his students overcome their own personal stories— the stories that were holding each of them back. Aric started by launching an after school program called the Goal Setters Club. He quickly saw how powerful this experience was and what a difference it made in students’ lives, thus, he knew he needed to reach as many students as possible.

Aric’s career as a motivational speaker was born. 

 In the past 17 years, Aric has spoken to over half a million students across the United States on how to be true to themselves by living their own dreams—not someone else’s. Aric teaches actionable lessons on how to succeed at the game of life by making good choices, staying in school, and being a role model for others, helping others to see their own potential.

Aric’s presentations and workshop training for parents and teachers are equally as powerful; firing them up to make a difference in young people’s lives, showing them what it takes to be a great parent and teacher, and sharing with them the communication and motivation tools he’s found to benefit students.

Aric’s all-encompassing assemblies, team building, and motivational messages are empowering and infectious.