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Education Expert Aric Bostick has FIRED UP! Half a Million Educators, Students and Parents from Coast to Coast!

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Aric Bostick is a former school teacher and coach who was featured on television over a dozen times for the success of his Goal Setters Club program and Summer Success and Leadership Camps. Today he is a full-time motivational speaker traveling the country FIRING UP! Students to Achieve their dreams in school and in life no matter what their circumstances.  He also FIRES UP! and trains today’s Educators and Parents on how to connect with, engage and inspire students to want to learn from them and succeed in school and in life!

Finally, Aric is an accomplished Author!  His book FIRED UP Success in transforming Students, Teachers, Parents to find their purpose and take action toward fulfilling that purpose immediately.

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  • Educator Training
    Educator Training

    Bring Aric to your school for Educator Training Sessions

    Educators and GEAR UP staff will learn how to connect with their students, team building strategies, and how to avoid burnout and stay energized all year long!

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  • Student Assemblies
    Student Assemblies

    Bring Aric to Your School for Student Training Sessions

    FIRED UP Students will learn to overcome their life challenges and Dream Big for their future in college, career and make a difference in the world!!

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  • Parent Training
    Parent Training

    Bring Aric to your school for Parent Training Sessions

    Parents learn how to build better relationships with their child and how to best support their child’s college and career dreams by role modeling and positive affirmation!

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  • Leadership Camps
    Leadership Camps

    FIRED UP Students In Action!

    Aric’s HERO ON DUTY leadership camps equip students with the goal setting, time management, social skills and confidence to make their college dreams come true and start being leaders on your campus right now!!

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What People Are Saying:

  • “Aric Bostick is honest, speaks from the heart, and connects on all levels regarding education! After his presentation many of our participants were moved to tears because they recognized things that they needed to change in both their personal and professional lives. If you need to be reminded about why you chose education as your career or WHY education is so important to our workforce and communities then you must invite Aric to your school or community event.”

    - Kimberly Tobey


    National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP)

  • “Whether you need teambuilding for your staff or want to get your students fired up to reach their potential, Aric is second-to-none. He delivers YOUR message with his style and is a top-notch professional every step of the way. After using some other nationally recognized speakers for our freshman orientation programs, our University knows that Aric Bostick is the very best ... He has been FIRING UP our students for five years and counting!”

    - Mike Barnette

    Senior Coordinator

    Residential & Transition Programs, Tarleton State University

  • “The first time I heard Aric speak I was a freshman in high school at an over night student council conference. He spoke on goal setting and creating a vision for your future. To this day I still have the list of goals I wrote out for my self at that conference, and it is amazing how many of those goals I've had the opportunity to achieve! Now I'm a middle school PAL sponsor and Aric speaks at our district conference every year. It is amazing to see Aric's message connect and empower my students the same way it did for me as a teenager! He is truly a once in a generation speaker! If you have the chance to hire Aric to come speak to your kids, then you have to make that happen!

    - Clark Fredrickson

    PALs Sponsor

  • “Aric is more than just a motivational speaker: he is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. He doesn't just tell people what they want to hear; he delivers true messages in an interactive, experiential style that makes a lasting impression on each and every member of his audience.”

    - Steven Carvajal

    President School of The Alamo Association of Student Councils

    Tom C. Clark High School

  • “At an elementary school, it seems impossible to engage a speaker that will be able to appeal to the wide range of ages, inspire the faculty and staff, and have a message so powerful that kids encourage their parents to bring them back to school to hear him again in the evening. But, that is exactly what happened when we spent a full day with Aric Bostick! The morning programs, the leadership workshops, and a family event, in the evening, left our students, staff and their families Fired Up! and ready to tackle this school year- and life- head on!”

    - Angela Kunkel

    VP of Programs Shafer PTA

  • “Aric is very worthwhile. He presented to our student-athletes that all were skeptical about going to a presentation that they were forced to attend. After the presentation they were singing his praises and wanted him to returning each year. Very motivational and encouraging!”

    - John Anderson

    Director of Life Skills

    Texas State University


Fired Up Success is a state of mind and set of principles that can be used everyday, all day in every thing a student, teacher, parent or student leader does!

With These 7 FIRED UP mindsets, success is not just possible - it is INEVITABLE!!