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Igniting People, Purpose and Positive Action!!

Education Expert Aric Bostick has FIRED UP! Half a Million Educators, Students and Parents from Coast to Coast!

Aric Bostick is a former school teacher and coach who was featured on television over a dozen times for the success of his Goal Setters Club program and Summer Success and Leadership Camps.  Today he is a full-time motivational speaker traveling the country FIRING UP! Students to Achieve their dreams in school and in life no matter what their circumstances.  He also FIRES UP! and trains today’s Educators and Parents on how to connect with, engage and inspire students to want to learn from them and succeed in school and in life!

Finally, Aric is an accomplished Author!  His book FIRED UP Success in transforming Students, Teachers, Parents to find their purpose and take action toward fulfilling that purpose immediately.

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  • Educator Training
    Educator Training

    Bring Aric to your school for Educator Training Sessions

    Educators and GEAR UP staff will learn how to connect with their students, team building strategies, and how to avoid burnout and stay energized all year long!

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  • Student Training
    Student Training

    Bring Aric to Your School for Student Training Sessions

    FIRED UP Students will learn to overcome their life challenges and Dream Big for their future in college, career and make a difference in the world!!

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  • Parent Training
    Parent Training

    Bring Aric to your school for Parent Training Sessions

    Parents learn how to build better relationships with their child and how to best support their child’s college and career dreams by role modeling and positive affirmation!

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  • Leadership Camps
    Leadership Camps

    FIRED UP Students In Action!

    Aric’s HERO ON DUTY leadership camps equip students with the goal setting, time management, social skills and confidence to make their college dreams come true and start being leaders on your campus right now!!

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What People Are Saying:

  • In one word, Aric Bostick is: AWESOME... Get ready to feel motivated, inspired and awesome.

    -Leslie Garza
    - Public Information Officer
  • Aric's ability to motivate a group and the level of enthusiasm that he incorporates into his lectures is phenomenal. The students and the adults leave with a refreshed sense of excitement and an enhanced perspective on life.

    -Daphene Broadnax
    - Teacher
  • Providing students and teachers with a blast of self-confidence, refreshed knowledge and sense of “I CAN do” is something remarkable for any presenter. You truly have a way of doing just that; reaching the kids and making them feel it. Thank you for all you do to make this happen. I look forward to working with you again.

    -Debbie Carey
    - Peer Assisted Leadership Teacher
  • When Aric came to speak at our financial educators conference, we gave him a “flat” lead in and a late start. But, he didn’t complain; he just got up and put on a great show anyway. Turns out, he walks the talk! Our teachers were excited, appreciative, and fired up! We know, because they told us so. Thanks for a fabulous kick-off to our event.

    -Laura Levine
    - President & CEO
  • Aric was such a great influence on the staff and students from the middle schools in Kingman. He was able to completely engage every student, get them excited, and stay interested the entire time. I’ve never seen so many middle school students and teachers so pumped up and positive!

    -Erin Chastain
    - Lead GEAR UP Coordinator
  • Aric Bostick's presentation for educators at the 29th Annual ATPE State Convention was motivating and inspiring. People were literally moved to tears! You can tell that he genuinely cares about making a difference.

    -Kris Childers
    - Professional Development Coordinator
    Association of Texas Professional Educators

Fired Up Success is a state of mind and set of principles that can be used everyday, all day in every thing a student, teacher, parent or student leader does!

With These 7 FIRED UP mindsets, success is not just possible - it is INEVITABLE!!